Ravalli County FCU Latest News

Scam Alert

“We just want to make everyone aware of a new scam. People have been receiving calls from individuals claiming they’re from Northwestern Energy. They’re telling people that if they don’t pay a certain dollar amount their utilities are going to be shut off. They have the correct dollar amount that’s owed to Northwestern Energy, so it’s pretty believable. If you receive this call you may want to check with Northwestern Energy as they’ve already received some calls. Northwestern Energy informed one person the dollar amount claimed to be owed was correct, but wasn’t due yet. If you have any questions feel free to contact Sgt. Liercke at the Hamilton Police Department.”

Dear Credit Union Advocate,

The specific credit union tax status is left untouched in a tax reform plan released recently by the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Dave Camp. The plan does raise some additional tax issues that are of concern to the Credit Union National Association. The Camp proposal is the first word on tax reform, not the last!  Throughout this process, credit unions will continue to actively advocate for the credit union tax status. Thanks for your help by contacting your legislators to “Don’t Tax My Credit Union!”