Ravalli County FCU Latest News

Annual Meeting Results

Our 63rd Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, September 17 in the Credit Union lobby with 17 members in attendance. Darci Parsons, CEO, led the meeting, sharing Credit Union highlights from last year. Since 2019, assets have increased 11% and loans have increased 5%. Assets are about $56.7 million and Loans are about $28.6 million. The Credit Union has remained  financially strong and continues to be active in our community. For a full report of 2019 Credit Union happenings, we invite you to pick up an Annual Meeting Brochure in the Credit Union lobby, while supplies last. You may also view it, digitally, by following this link.

The Credit Union had two Board positions available for the 2020 Board of Directors Election. Sirikit Vieyra and Laci Rose were appointed to count the ballots while the meeting continued. Congratulations to Clarence Ferguson and Vinod Nair! Each    Director will serve a three-year term.