Special Patronage Dividend

Ravalli County FCU had a great year and we wanted to share a piece of that profit with our members! That’s why on December 4th, we gave back $50,000 to our members with a Special Patronage Dividend. It’s our way to say “Thank You” to our loyal members who saved and borrowed with us the most in 2018. The Patronage Dividend was based on paying 15% of the dividends that were paid on savings accounts and 5% of the interest paid on loans. The Patronage Dividend was posted to the Primary Savings account and narrated as “Patronage Dividend”. Not all members received a Patronage Dividend, only members who saved a minimum amount and members who have active loans with the Credit Union qualified. The more that you saved or borrowed, the greater the opportunity for a Patronage Dividend. You won’t see many banks sharing their profits with their customers, that’s why we gave back to our membership; proving the value and benefits of being part of cooperative are real and significant. That’s the #CUDifference. Thank you for a great year and Happy Holidays!

Ravalli County FCU, we get it.