We have been notified of two different phishing scams currently taking place. The first one is an Amazon/Apple scam and, in most cases, the scammers are leaving voicemails on their victim’s phone offering them an account for $399.99 or is stating there is something wrong with their account and need a call back. Do not call them back- or provide any banking information if you answer the call. Check out this article from the FTC to learn more about the Amazon/Apple scam and what you can do to protect yourself from scammers. (…/fake-calls-apple-and…)
It has also been reported that Montanans are receiving text messages about their unemployment benefits with a link for them to click on. Please do not click as it may contain malware. (…/state-warns-about-text-scam…)
If you feel you have become a victim to one of these scams please call the Credit Union immediately at 363-4631.