Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit trims your To-Do list.

Wouldn’t it be nice to worry about one less thing? Try Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit you authorize your employer or federal agency, like the Social Security Administration, to deposit your check directly into your Credit Union account. You can count on access to funds without visiting the Credit Union. Instead of a check, you receive a paper record of the transaction from your employer providing earnings and deduction amounts.

All you need is the Credit Union’s routing/transit number, your account number, and whether the funds go into your savings or checking account.  No matter where your check is coming from; your employer, a tax refund, social security check, or retirement account, Direct Deposit takes the worry out of:

  • Stolen or misplaced checks. Direct Deposit eliminates those risks.
  • Delayed deposits. Your funds are deposited regularly and on time.
  • Losing potential dividends. With Direct Deposit you earn dividends on funds as soon as possible.
  • Waiting in long lines to make a deposit.

Take advantage of the convenience and security of Direct Deposit today.

For your convenience the routing number for RCFCU is 292977420.