If you have any suspicious account activity or information security related events, please contact us at the Credit Union at 406-363-4631.

Keep your information private! Do not share your account number, password, social security number or other important information with anyone on the telephone, via text messaging, or in an email UNLESS you know for certain who is on the other line. We will never ask for that information as we already have it on file.

The credit union does not provide the service for our members to check their credit score for free. If a box pops up about this please exit our site. PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS IT.
PROTECT your credit information and monitor your
debit and credit card transactions. Someone may call to verify recent purchases
but they WILL NOT ask you for your account information!

Please Note: Members are getting text messages on their cell phones that their VISA card has been deactivated. DO NOT CALL the number provided. THIS IS A SCAM! Call us direct at 406-363-4631 for clarification. Also – DO NOT call the number if you get a text that says you have won a Target Gift Card! This is phising scam.

BEWARE OF PHISHING SCAMS!     If anyone calls or texts and wants you to respond to any phone number but ours …PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. They are looking for your information. Please just ignore the message whether it comes in by phone call or text message. This is a debit card scam stating your card has been de-activated. We never send you a message by text and only call you during our business hours.